Overcoming Fear in Network Marketing

fearSo you have started a new business and you are so excited because you are going to make some great relationships and lots of money as well. So you get everything together, go to all the meetings, listen to all the phone calls, and then it happens………You are ready to get rich but you forgot one small thing. You are terrified to talk to people about your business.

I have seen so many people become so fearful that they might make a mistake of that people will judge them for what they are doing that they actually quit and go back to working in job they don’t like, to produce an income that doesn’t allow them to live the life they want when all that had to do was to overcome their fear! I am serious!!!!

“You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
Wayne Gretzky


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Do you have fears that stop you MLM? You have to overcome your inhibitions. Get over it. If you have fears, the only thing stopping you is you. Want something? You must go out and get it. Many network marketers make the mistake, of creating excuses for themselves. That is just fear stopping you.

Whether we are speaking in respects to acquiring business partners or customers- network marketing is clearly a numbers game, and rejection is part of it. Do not let it stop you. The more you get out of your shell, the more people you will network with.  Eventually rejection will become insignificant to you. Talk to everyone.

Network Marketing – how to overcome your fear?

  1. Firstly you must understand this is nothing to do with anything outside of you. And the really good news is you don’t need anything outside of you, everything you need you already have, you just need to exercise it!
  2. For your very first step, revisit why you actually want to be successful in Network Marketing, and I mean really revisit it take some time to think about and visualize what your life will be like when you have achieved your Network Marketing goals .
  3. If you joined your Network Marketing business because you don’t like your job or don’t have enough money I highly suggest you start looking at things at little differently. I will show you want I mean: If you are saying I don’t like my job and I want to get out of it (looking at the negative – this is an in effective way to look at things because like attracts like so if you think from the negative you must attract other negative!) turn it around to saying something like this: I really like the idea of working for myself and being my own boss. (looking at the positive – remember like attracts like so positive thoughts attract positive thoughts attract positive results!) then list all the things you believe you will enjoy being in your own business
  4. Take action today be willing to let yourself learn. Be willing to fail and to make mistakes because once you learn what not to do you know what to do right? So fail your way to success
  5. Rinse and repeat: Everyone who ever succeeded in Network Marketing failed at some point, so start appreciating what you do achieve and don’t get caught up with the romantic notion that you are going to wake up one morning be top of your pay plan without doing anything it isn’t going to happen. Just think about it if it did how would you train your Network Marketing Team and help them become successful if you have never done it yourself?

It is normal to feel fear! Fear is just a way of letting you know that you are stepping outside of your comfort zone, and once you step outside your comfort zone you really begin to grow so celebrate fear and harness its energy to help you learn what you need to know!

F – False

E – Evidence

A– Appearing

R – Real


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