Objections got you down?

handling-objections-in-salesDoes this picture seem familiar? Is that how you feel after getting objections from your potential business partners? Believe me I know how you feel. I used to feel exactly like this which is probably why I am bald today lol. Objections are one of the main reasons people feel like they are afraid to get involved in such a great industry as ours. That fear of trying to convince someone to buy something or join your team is enough to drive anyone crazy.

Newsflash!!!! It just doesn’t have to be that way.

Objections are an inevitability with recruiting in network marketing. Even some of your most serious prospects will have objections just prior to signing up.

It’s actually a good sign because they are either 1) slowing down the process to ensure they understand everything before they make that big decision or 2) they are testing you to evaluate your strength as a  good sponsor and that you are the leader they are seeking.

Here are some important points in handling objections:

  • Neutralize Objections-always validate their objection by complimenting and/or agreeing with the prospect’s concerns. This acts to decrease the objections potency. Good Objection Phrases can be: “I can respect that.” “I can appreciate that.” “Thanks for sharing that concern.” “That’s exactly how I felt when I first started.
  • You can actually bring up the objection yourself before the prospect does, thereby deflecting it before it even occupies their mind.
  • Assume the sale.
  • Always make sure you have appropriately went through a ‘discovery process’ with your new prospect. This is a process where you build rapport and gain their trust as well as recognize their ‘why’.
  • When possible, reply to their questions and concerns with a question. As long as you are the one doing the asking, you will hold all the power.

Now here are a few examples of what you can do when faced with objections:

1) How much money are you making?

Best Response: “It’s not about how much money I am making, it’s about how much money you are capable of earning.”

This focuses the question back onto them. You want them to know it is irrelevant whether you are making $200 or $20,000/month, what is relevant is the kind of success they can obtain. Stress the opportunity, if they can see that it is a great opportunity than you have them sold.  Their success is limited only by their own limitations, not someone elses and that is the beauty of being in business for themselves.

2) I don’t have the time.

Make their objection become their reason.

You can ask, “If you keep doing what you are currently doing, do you think that over the next 5 years you will have either more or less time?  With network marketing you can leverage your time through the efforts of others.”

or, “If I can show you a way to get some of your time back by leveraging the efforts of others, would you be willing to carve out 7-10 hours per week towards this goal?”

or, “Prior to joining this business, someone once asked me what the definition of insanity was. They told me it is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Do you agree with this definition?”

or, “Do you want to continue spending all your time building someone elses dreams or is it time you devoted your precious time towards building your own dreams?

3) I don’t like to sell or I don’t know how to sell.

“That’s great because neither do I! We encourage people to hand out tools to do the talking for them with a professionally crafted presentation. You are the messenger, not the message.”

or, “Did you ever mention a great restaurant or movie to a friend? Did you ever get paid for the recommendation? Our business will pay you for recommending something that you already believe in and which holds value to you.”

or, “The other part of our business is about coaching and working with and inspiring a team. Would you have any problems inspiring others if it were to directly benefit you financially?”

4) Is this a pyramid scheme?

Edify your company through third party validation. Emphasize the sustainability and soundness of your business and financial model.

A great way around this objection is to outline the similarities network marketing has with the business models of the insurance and real estate industries.

You could mention famous people who have been involved in, actively promote or started network marketing companies in recent years: Robert Kiyosaki (see “Business of the 21st Century”), Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson-all are billionaires thanks to network marketing.

The key is just being prepared for when they arise, and practice, practice, practice. The more comfortable you are with handling common objections the more at ease and confident you will come across.

Make sure you do the following!!!!!


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One of the most overlooked tools in marketing

The email signature is perhaps the most overlooked marketing opportunity that most network marketers forget about. Face it, everyone sends and receives emails. Every time we send a email, it’s an opportunity to market our message to the receiver.

Creating an email signature is a set it and forget it task. You do not have to think about it after your initial setup. It will go out automatically with every email you send.

Setting Up Email Signature

Each email client has a slightly different way to set up your email signature. Instead of attempting to explain how to set up multiple email signatures, I am going to task you will doing your own research to discover how to create an email signature. The best place to start is YouTube. You can find everything you need there on setting up your first email signature.

Make sure to include your contact information as well as a link to the business opportunity page of your replicated website. If you have your own site you wish to drive your visitors to, make sure you provide a link to that page from your email signature.

How to Create an Effective Email Signature Line

First of all, keep it brief. A general rule of thumb is that a good signature line is four-six lines in length. Eight lines is the maximum length, but that is pushing it. Remember, those to whom you email frequently see your email signature line again and again.

Creative Uses

A signature line can be used much like a classified ad if you’re trying to motivate clients to use your services or register for your workshop. Add one line and/or a link. Examples include:

  • A quotation to share your organization’s point of view.
  • A call to contribute to a capital campaign or other fundraising focus.
  • An issue-oriented tagline to promote an advocacy campaign.
  • An announcement of a new program, service, or publication.
  • An invitation to a special event, conference, or to subscribe to your organization’s email newsletter.


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Scared to talk to your cold market?

scared mom


Are you the type that has run out of people to talk to in your warm market and are terrified to talk to your cold market? For many people this is worse than dying . Have no fear…….I’m here to tell you that it’s not that serious. One of the most common misconceptions I get from talking with my new business partners is who do I talk to now that I don’t have anyone left in my warm market? I always ask them this one question. On your daily trip to work how many people do you see in passing that could potentially be business partners? The barista at Starbucks? The doorman in your building? The bus driver?  The people waiting in line at the cleaners? See where this is going……The people are there. What is important is actually talking to them.

When faced with talking to strangers about your business as long as you stick to a few guidelines, you should be perfectly fine. When prospecting strangers you want to stick to the basics. When engaging a stranger you want to make sure that you keep the conversation light. Find one thing that you really like about that person and simply say Hi, My name is _______, and compliment them on what it was that you liked about them. That is an ice breaker and works every time. From there we use what is called the F.O.R.M method.

F – Family

O – Occupation

R- Recreation

M – Money

These 4 categories should give you ample of questions that can keep the conversation flowing, all while giving you the “hot topics” about what it is that the prospect needs an answer to. By simply asking questions you have now found out the very reason that this prospect could use whatever business that you are in, and how it can address their needs. No matter where or when you meet someone, DO NOT get caught in the “DISASTER SCENARIO” and end up spooking the prospect. The “DISASTER SCENARIO”  happens when a new partner is so excited about sharing the business that they try to close someone with a 30 second pitch. Remember what you are doing is planting seeds. By asking questions you are actually building a relationship.

So the next time you get that feeling that there is no one left to talk to, STOP. Open your eyes and look around. There are millions of people passing us on our daily journey who are waiting for an opportunity. We just have to start planting the seeds. Happy Planting!!!!


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What is your definition of Financial Freedom?


As a business owner whose purpose is to help people attain Financial Freedom, I often talk to many people who have various definitions. To be honest there is no wrong or right answer to this question. If money was no issue in your life ever again what exactly would you do with your time?

Would you finally pack a bag and head for the well earned vacation?

images (1)

Or better yet, would you pay off some Debt?

What about Setup a college fund for your kids?

What about purchase that house that you’ve always wanted?

The bottom line is whatever it is that you want or desire to do, it is very possible once you are financially free. To me it simply means being able to wake up when you are finished sleeping. (Imagine that – no more alarm clock)


Whatever your dreams or desires, they are all within your reach. The path may not be smooth, and may have many obstacles but you can make it if you BELEIVE. You are the captain of your ship, so set your sails and enjoy the ride.

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Are you a “HYPE MAN” Marketer?

Hype Man

What is “HYPE MAN” Marketing?

Before you make a blog post, before you post to your Facebook timeline or before you shoot your next video, ask yourself this question, “What is my marketing focus?”

The next question you should ask yourself is, “Who is my target audience?”

Finally, ask this important question, “What am I expecting to get in return from the effort I am putting into creating this content?”

Most marketers these days are selling the hype. They are nothing more than business opportunity hype men. They spout off about how much success they are having and money they are making. They spend the majority of their time flashing cash, showing checks, or standing next to fancy cars they claim are theirs.

Their marketing focus is what I call, “HYPE MAN Marketing“. This is marketing that produces a momentary display of excitement but has no substantial long term effect. It is great at moving people to quickly make buying decisions, but is often short lived and usually results in buyer’s remorse.

Many marketers use this strategy because it doesn’t take much thought to produce. It’s easy to sell hype; there’s not much effort that needs to be put into creating it. Drink a Red Bull, do a couple of push ups, turn on the camera and you are ready to go.

The type of audience that are attracted to this type of marketing are people who have shallow business experience. They are moved and make business decisions based on their immediate emotions. They oftentimes do not consider any other factors besides how they “feel”.

Because they make decisions based on their emotions, they will immediately join the business and be very excited. This excitement will last for a brief moment of time until it wears off and they are faced with the reality of what it really takes to become successful… WORK!

Study has shown that roughly 70% of society has a strong compassionate personality. That means that most people react based on their feelings. They are the exact type of people hype men are looking for.

In return for their marketing, hype man marketers expect to recruit large amounts of people into their business opportunity. If successful, these marketers will make fast short term income. As far as their recruits… some recruits will succeed, most won’t.

HYPE MAN Marketing

•Hype Man Marketing works extremely well for getting people into your business opportunity.
•Because 70% of society has a strong compassionate personalities, good hype men can recruit a healthy number of people into their business.
•You don’t need much social proof to hype up a business opportunity. All that is required is to talk about the money and paint the dream.

•Hype Man Marketing is horrible for keeping people in your business opportunity.
•Because you will recruit compassionate people, they will quickly move to join the next hype man marketing a new and improved money making program.
•People who make decisions based on their current feelings will become more trouble than you need as a leader. They will constantly complain or become the most needy persons on your team.

“HYPE MAN MARKETING” is quick and easy, but there is a opposite marketing strategy that produces long term results.

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What do the wealthy buy on payday review

I actually came across some very interesting infomation recently and wanted to kind of summarize exactly what great information was presented in the video. The title was called “What do the wealthy buy on Pay Day?”

Have you ever wondered what makes you wealthy, poor or middle class? I mean, every one of us lives in the same world, has the same 24 hours each day, works as hard as everybody else but then you notice that each of us will end up in one of the three categories: the wealthy, the poor and the middle class. There’s a reason for that.

It turns out that to which category you belong will depend on what you buy with your money. The things that the wealthy buy are very different from the things that are usually bought buy the poor and middle class.

Some important definitions you need to know before I can continue:

Income – money you bring in
Expenses – money you spend
Assets – things that pay you
Liabilities – things that cost you

So who buys what on pay day?

#1 The poor buy “stuff”. What is “stuff”? According to the video, “stuff” are inexpensive things that people buy that they don’t really need in order to survive. Where do they get this “stuff”? They get it at a flee market, at a garage sale, at a dollar store – just to name a few. The problem with buying “stuff” is that the poor waste their money on the things they don’t need but most importantly, they miss on opportunities to make that money work for them by investing it into assets.

#2 The middle class buy liabilities that they confuse with assets. Remember the definition of a liability? Liabilities are things that cost you. The middle class are usually the people who confuse the definition of an asset that we use in this article (assets are the things that pay you) with the typical accounting definition of an asset, which is “assets are the things you own“. That’s why they buy a big house, cars, boats, and other expensive toys thinking that all of that are assets. However, in reality, all those things are liabilities.

For example, most middle class individuals will think of their house as an asset. However, if you live in a house, you have to pay for its maintenance, utilities, insurance, the property tax (in some States), and a lot of other things associated with owning that house. If that’s the case, then your house cost you money, and is therefore a liability.

On the other hand, if you rented out that house to someone else and was receiving monthly payments from a tenant, you could call that house an asset because it would pay you money month after month, year after year. Because the middle class confuse assets with liabilities, they get in debt and work all their life for the bank, their employer and the credit card companies. They don’t invest their money into assets, which keeps them the prisoners of the middle class.

#3 The wealthy buy assets. An example of an asset would be income-generating real estate, businesses, stocks that pay dividends, bonds, high yield CDs or anything else that generates more income for you. Then the wealthy take that income and reinvest it into more assets, making them even wealthier. That’s why the gap between the rich and the poor keeps growing faster than ever. While the rich continue to accumulate more assets, the poor keep buying stuff that makes them even poorer.

To recap: the poor buy “stuff”, the middle class buy liabilities that they confuse with assets, and the wealthy buy assets. Knowing what the wealthy buy on payday has helped me make much better buying decisions, and I hope you can benefit from this knowledge as well.


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Why you should ABSOLUTELY have a 5linx business

After learning about all the great tax benefits of owning a 5LINX business, you would have to be brain dead not to get started, Did you know there are two tax systems in America? One that makes you poor and one that makes you rich.

The one that makes you poor is designed for employees; people who get up every day and bust their butts on a 9 to 5 job. These individuals are taxed by the government before they even see their first check. They get taxed on the first dollar made and other than dependents or a mortgage, they don’t  qualify for a lot of tax deductions.

However, those who own a 5LINX business fall into a different category. Not only do they get the same tax deductions of a employees … they get the tax deductions that make you rich. As a 5LINX business owner, you have an opportunity to write off a portion of your mortgage or rent, your utilities, furniture, car expenses, travel, lodging, food and many other expenses that you probably are already paying for anyway.

In addition, 5LINX business owners can set up a pension plan that makes a government pension look small by comparison. Setting up a 5LINX home office is worth thousands of dollars each year. This is because it allows you to participate in the American tax system that makes you rich.

The United States government is willing to subsidize you while you are building your 5LINX business. They want to help you build a successful business. Why? Because the government knows that small businesses stimulate the economy.  They help you in the form of subsidizing your losses.

What is subsidizing losses?

If you have a loss in your business, you can use that loss against other forms of income that you have. This includes interest, dividends, wages, and pensions. By using the loss against your earnings, you are able to reduce the amount of taxable income you are required to pay on.

Let’s say you still have a full time job where you make $50,000 a year. You decide to start a new 5LINX home base business and based on your tax write offs you are able to generate a $10,000 loss. The government will subsidize that loss and you end up only paying taxes on $40,000 instead of $50,000.

Before you jump the gun thinking you went out and physically loss $10,000, remember with a home based business you can write off a portion of your rent, mortgage, utilities, furniture, car expenses, travel and lodging. Many of which you were going to pay for anyway. This is why I stated earlier that there are two tax systems in America.

People in the tax system that makes you poor pay their rent and do not qualify to write off a portion of it. Their neighbor living next door however, decides to start a 5LINX home based business and as a result becomes a part of the tax system that makes you rich and is allowed to write off a portion of his rent. Both tax payers live in the same apartment complex but they operate in two totally different tax systems.

It Keeps Getting Better

Let’s say you are a single parent and your loss exceeds your whole income for the year. You can carry back all business losses two years and get a refund from the federal and state government for the last two years of taxes you paid. In this example you would actually get a check back! If you are a Canadian, you can carry back your losses three years.

Stop for a moment and think about what I just said. This single parent started her home based business and took a loss that exceeded her income for the year. Because of the tax system she is now a part of, she is able to go back and claim her loss against the prior two years BEFORE she even started her business! Tell me there’s not two different tax systems in America.

There’s another option. Instead of going back two years, you can carry forward your business losses for up to twenty years. This gives you the ability to offset the next twenty years of earnings. The good news is that you never lose a properly documented business deduction. As long as you are running your 5LINX business like a true business.

So what does this mean in actual dollars?

5LINX Business Tax Example

Let’s say you are in the 28% tax bracket. You earn $50,000 a year from your job. Without a home-based business and any other deductions, you would pay the US Treasury $14,000 in taxes.

Let’s now compare that with you owning a home-based business that reported a $10,000 loss. In the same income scenario, you would end up paying the US Treasury $11,200. That’s a difference of $2,800 which stays in your pocket.

If this makes sense, then it ABSOLUTELY makes dollars.  Owning a 5LINX business is really critical in making your life a lot less taxing. If you are looking for more info on how to start your 5LINX business as soon as possible click here —>  http://goo.gl/jN6we0

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