It’s So Easy To Work From Home Even A Bus Driver Could Do It

It’s so easy to make money from home even a bus driver could do it. Meet Mr. Richards. Mr. Richards is a perfect example of the phrase “started from the bottom”. After growing up poor and living on public assistance in the inner city streets of Washington, DC Mr. Richards ended up graduating high school with a 6th grade reading level. He immediately started driving the public transportation buses and  continued to do so for the next 18 years. Initially Mr. Richards did not see a way out and it was not until he was introduced to a simple concept that he saw value in, and decided to go all in with his wife and catapulted him to a millionaire status. Because of one decision Mr. Richards is now a multi-millionaire, an author, nominee for the Steve Harvey Neighborhood award  and community activist.

Although Richards story is far from a fairy tale, he says “you can make your dreams come true” if you’re willing to do these three things: “Take action. Face your fears. And learn how to fail forward and fail fast (meaning that if you fail enough, eventually, you’ll reach success).” To his fellow community leaders, Richards’s advice is simple and straight forward: “Stop talking and start doing.” “Set small goals and take action, because those small goals lead to big things.”


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Stop Talking and Start Doing……Take Action Today!!


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