What does RESIDUAL really mean?


In business the word RESIDUAL is described as – an ongoing stream of payments for completion of a prior task. So this brings up a very relevant question for everyone……

Who makes residual guaranteed money off of you?
Phone Company
Cable Company
Car Dealership
Water Company
Gas Company
Electric Company
Even smaller things you don’t realize…
Your soaps, your milk, your meats….
All these companies know you will buy from them or their competitors and they are making monthly income from you.
Your job is NOT a residual income… once you run out of vacation time you cannot get paid for not showing up. With these companies they let their systems and bottom line run the working parts while they take weeks off to spend vacationing…
Why do they get to do this? They created the company first… unless you 1. have an innovative idea and a way to get that idea to market your only other option is to 2. get paid from people using products or services you provide for them to us.
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