It’s So Easy To Work From Home Even A Bus Driver Could Do It

It’s so easy to make money from home even a bus driver could do it. Meet Mr. Richards. Mr. Richards is a perfect example of the phrase “started from the bottom”. After growing up poor and living on public assistance in the inner city streets of Washington, DC Mr. Richards ended up graduating high school with a 6th grade reading level. He immediately started driving the public transportation buses and  continued to do so for the next 18 years. Initially Mr. Richards did not see a way out and it was not until he was introduced to a simple concept that he saw value in, and decided to go all in with his wife and catapulted him to a millionaire status. Because of one decision Mr. Richards is now a multi-millionaire, an author, nominee for the Steve Harvey Neighborhood award  and community activist.

Although Richards story is far from a fairy tale, he says “you can make your dreams come true” if you’re willing to do these three things: “Take action. Face your fears. And learn how to fail forward and fail fast (meaning that if you fail enough, eventually, you’ll reach success).” To his fellow community leaders, Richards’s advice is simple and straight forward: “Stop talking and start doing.” “Set small goals and take action, because those small goals lead to big things.”


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Stop Talking and Start Doing……Take Action Today!!


What does RESIDUAL really mean?


In business the word RESIDUAL is described as – an ongoing stream of payments for completion of a prior task. So this brings up a very relevant question for everyone……

Who makes residual guaranteed money off of you?
Phone Company
Cable Company
Car Dealership
Water Company
Gas Company
Electric Company
Even smaller things you don’t realize…
Your soaps, your milk, your meats….
All these companies know you will buy from them or their competitors and they are making monthly income from you.
Your job is NOT a residual income… once you run out of vacation time you cannot get paid for not showing up. With these companies they let their systems and bottom line run the working parts while they take weeks off to spend vacationing…
Why do they get to do this? They created the company first… unless you 1. have an innovative idea and a way to get that idea to market your only other option is to 2. get paid from people using products or services you provide for them to us.
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Do you care about your success?

images (7)Do you care about your success? Was having a conversation with a new business owner in the gas station the other day and something that was said kind of threw me off. This gentleman recently started a business and had a hard time keeping the correct mindset. He was complaining about how his business was going and seemed like he was on the verge of giving up. So I simply posed the question to him like this…”Whats your definition of success?”. His answer was having money. Money is a good thing, however there is a HUGE difference between making money and having money. There are lot of people who make money, but they only have money once a year, which is normally after tax time. In order to put yourself in a position to have money, you have to have the correct mindset. The slightest shift in mindset can literally change your life.

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How to Handle Objections When Closing and the Psychology Behind It

Have you ever wondered why some people close with their eyes closed and very rarely struggle with objections, while other people simply cannot close a single prospect?


When it comes to handling objections one of the most important to know is the psychology behind what is actually taking place when someone offers up an objection. People often times issue resistance to anything that suggest’s getting outside of their comfort zone. It’s just a natural reaction by all humans basically because it’s the path of least resistance. Most people will naturally pick the choice to not do something simply because it’s easier not to do something than it is to actually work to do something.

With today’s video I am talking about one of the most popular ways to deal with objections and it works because you are not answering or dealing with objections, rather, you’re qualifying and isolating first, then, once you’ve found out if it’s a real objection or a smokescreen, you’re dealing with it in the most efficient way possible. And you’re asking for the deal when done.

Here are some important points in handling objections:

  • Neutralize Objections-always validate their objection by complimenting and/or agreeing with the prospect’s concerns. This acts to decrease the objections potency. Good Objection Phrases can be: “I can respect that.” “I can appreciate that.” “Thanks for sharing that concern.” “That’s exactly how I felt when I first started.
  • You can actually bring up the objection yourself before the prospect does, thereby deflecting it before it even occupies their mind.
  • Assume the sale.
  • Always make sure you have appropriately went through a ‘discovery process’ with your new prospect. This is a process where you build rapport and gain their trust as well as recognize their ‘why’.
  • When possible, reply to their questions and concerns with a question. As long as you are the one doing the asking, you will hold all the power.


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