Scared to talk to your cold market?

scared mom


Are you the type that has run out of people to talk to in your warm market and are terrified to talk to your cold market? For many people this is worse than dying . Have no fear…….I’m here to tell you that it’s not that serious. One of the most common misconceptions I get from talking with my new business partners is who do I talk to now that I don’t have anyone left in my warm market? I always ask them this one question. On your daily trip to work how many people do you see in passing that could potentially be business partners? The barista at Starbucks? The doorman in your building? The bus driver?  The people waiting in line at the cleaners? See where this is going……The people are there. What is important is actually talking to them.

When faced with talking to strangers about your business as long as you stick to a few guidelines, you should be perfectly fine. When prospecting strangers you want to stick to the basics. When engaging a stranger you want to make sure that you keep the conversation light. Find one thing that you really like about that person and simply say Hi, My name is _______, and compliment them on what it was that you liked about them. That is an ice breaker and works every time. From there we use what is called the F.O.R.M method.

F – Family

O – Occupation

R- Recreation

M – Money

These 4 categories should give you ample of questions that can keep the conversation flowing, all while giving you the “hot topics” about what it is that the prospect needs an answer to. By simply asking questions you have now found out the very reason that this prospect could use whatever business that you are in, and how it can address their needs. No matter where or when you meet someone, DO NOT get caught in the “DISASTER SCENARIO” and end up spooking the prospect. The “DISASTER SCENARIO”  happens when a new partner is so excited about sharing the business that they try to close someone with a 30 second pitch. Remember what you are doing is planting seeds. By asking questions you are actually building a relationship.

So the next time you get that feeling that there is no one left to talk to, STOP. Open your eyes and look around. There are millions of people passing us on our daily journey who are waiting for an opportunity. We just have to start planting the seeds. Happy Planting!!!!


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What is your definition of Financial Freedom?


As a business owner whose purpose is to help people attain Financial Freedom, I often talk to many people who have various definitions. To be honest there is no wrong or right answer to this question. If money was no issue in your life ever again what exactly would you do with your time?

Would you finally pack a bag and head for the well earned vacation?

images (1)

Or better yet, would you pay off some Debt?

What about Setup a college fund for your kids?

What about purchase that house that you’ve always wanted?

The bottom line is whatever it is that you want or desire to do, it is very possible once you are financially free. To me it simply means being able to wake up when you are finished sleeping. (Imagine that – no more alarm clock)


Whatever your dreams or desires, they are all within your reach. The path may not be smooth, and may have many obstacles but you can make it if you BELEIVE. You are the captain of your ship, so set your sails and enjoy the ride.

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Are you a “HYPE MAN” Marketer?

Hype Man

What is “HYPE MAN” Marketing?

Before you make a blog post, before you post to your Facebook timeline or before you shoot your next video, ask yourself this question, “What is my marketing focus?”

The next question you should ask yourself is, “Who is my target audience?”

Finally, ask this important question, “What am I expecting to get in return from the effort I am putting into creating this content?”

Most marketers these days are selling the hype. They are nothing more than business opportunity hype men. They spout off about how much success they are having and money they are making. They spend the majority of their time flashing cash, showing checks, or standing next to fancy cars they claim are theirs.

Their marketing focus is what I call, “HYPE MAN Marketing“. This is marketing that produces a momentary display of excitement but has no substantial long term effect. It is great at moving people to quickly make buying decisions, but is often short lived and usually results in buyer’s remorse.

Many marketers use this strategy because it doesn’t take much thought to produce. It’s easy to sell hype; there’s not much effort that needs to be put into creating it. Drink a Red Bull, do a couple of push ups, turn on the camera and you are ready to go.

The type of audience that are attracted to this type of marketing are people who have shallow business experience. They are moved and make business decisions based on their immediate emotions. They oftentimes do not consider any other factors besides how they “feel”.

Because they make decisions based on their emotions, they will immediately join the business and be very excited. This excitement will last for a brief moment of time until it wears off and they are faced with the reality of what it really takes to become successful… WORK!

Study has shown that roughly 70% of society has a strong compassionate personality. That means that most people react based on their feelings. They are the exact type of people hype men are looking for.

In return for their marketing, hype man marketers expect to recruit large amounts of people into their business opportunity. If successful, these marketers will make fast short term income. As far as their recruits… some recruits will succeed, most won’t.

HYPE MAN Marketing

•Hype Man Marketing works extremely well for getting people into your business opportunity.
•Because 70% of society has a strong compassionate personalities, good hype men can recruit a healthy number of people into their business.
•You don’t need much social proof to hype up a business opportunity. All that is required is to talk about the money and paint the dream.

•Hype Man Marketing is horrible for keeping people in your business opportunity.
•Because you will recruit compassionate people, they will quickly move to join the next hype man marketing a new and improved money making program.
•People who make decisions based on their current feelings will become more trouble than you need as a leader. They will constantly complain or become the most needy persons on your team.

“HYPE MAN MARKETING” is quick and easy, but there is a opposite marketing strategy that produces long term results.

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