How to Win in Network Marketing

Have you ever wondered how the top earners actually earn the BIG BUCKS? There are several variables in this equation, however one of the main reasons the people at the top are so successful is because they consistently recruit LEADERS.

Sometimes it cracks me up how people will advertise every last detail of their network marketing business opportunity, all the way down to the molecular structure of their products–but the only thing you know about the person doing the advertising is their name, phone number and e-mail address–and that’s if you’re lucky!

The fact is prospects usually care more about the person presenting the product than they care about the product itself. When I was starting in network marketing I wanted to know if the person behind the ad or the webpage was somebody likeable and worth working with. My main question was could they help me succeed in my business?

Most people looking into network marketing businesses are thinking the same thing. That’s why the number one reason someone will join your team is you–how you act, what you say and who you are–not your product or service.

Ask yourself this:

    • Are you someone worth following?
    • Do you have passion?
    • Do you have vision?
    • Do you have an objective (other than “make more money”)?
    • Are you constantly improving yourself?
    • Are you open to learning new skills and enhancing your current skills?
  • Can you mentor others?

If you feel like you might be lacking in any of these qualities, are these areas you’re willing to make an effort to improve? If so (and you actually make those improvements), that is a characteristic of a leader.

Success in network marketing isn’t just about how many products you sell. And it’s not only about how many people you recruit–it’s about how many people you help raise up to a higher level than where they were before you met them.

The surprising truth is that long-term network marketing success is largely based on how many leaders you find and develop, more than on how many products you personally sell.

At their core, all super-successful network marketers are great trainers. Likewise, most great network marketing trainers have constantly growing network marketing businesses–and that’s not a coincidence!

So to recap,  If you want to win in this game, instead of trying to work on others you should really be working on yourself. That is unless you are already a LEADER.


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