MLSP Review – Can MLSP help build your MLM Business?

So, have you been in your MLM for a while or maybe you are a newbie. Either way the probability is high that you fall into the 97% of marketers who fail in network marketing. Those people who are tired of pestering their friends and family who insist they don’t want to join that “pyramid” thingy. So you turn to the internet to find every article, video, and posting that can teach you exactly how to generate leads, recruit people and close sales. Does this sound familiar? If so then during your search you also probably came across MLSP and it might be a good idea to pay close attention to this article.

           So what exactly is MLSP? 

My Lead System Pro is an all in one network marketing lead generation system that is based around the concept of Attraction Marketing.The idea is that this system provides you with the leads that you can monetize whether or not they join your primary company or not. The benefits of the system severely outweigh any reason you can find not to become a member. There are 3 reasons that 97% of marketers fail in this industry and MLSP  has been proven to actually solve those exact reasons that people fail.


#1. Lack of leads

Most marketers literally pull out their hair once they figure out that they have talked to all of their friends and family and suddenly have noone else to talk to.Some even attempt to maneuver the cold market by calling and speaking to random people only to find out that they really don’t know what to say, or how to say it thus wasting their time. With MLSP you learn to position yourself in front of the millions of people  online who are actually looking for an online opportunity. Don’t you agree that it makes more sense to go after the the specific people looking to build a business rather than playing the guessing game? (I know you agree lol).


#2 Lack of Money – (My money is funny)

Many people spend hundreds of dollars on eBooks, and other online tools to learn how to get leads only to give up once the money runs out. But isn’t the purpose of getting in this business to to generate a cash flow to consistently run your organization? MLSP does exactly that. You are able to take the NO’s to your primary company, and turn them into YES for your MLSP opportunity. After all your primary company may be great to you, but to someone else it might not be, however they could very well be interested in training on how to build their business which is where MLSP comes in.


#3. Lack of Training 

Regardless of how great your products are, if you don’t market them correctly then your money will be funny too! This is the reality of alot of network marketers today. But MLSP provides that excellent training on various online and offline techniques that you will be able to implement into your business day 1.


There are so many success stories of the top Network Marketers who have used MLSP in their practice and received life changing results within months of implementing the system into their business. There are also the stories of amatuers who have gone from funny money, to generating a 5 figure income per month from the tips and training’s offered by MLSP. 

So in conclusion if you are new to network marketing, or if you are a seasoned vet but are looking to explode your business to another level, I would definitely recommend giving MLSP a spin. The training’s are invaluable and will drive your business to exactly where you are looking to go.


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Got leads? Where to find free leads

As a network marketer we hear all the time make your list of all your friends and family. Warm market, warm market, warm market. Well the reality sometimes is that our “warm” market just isn’t warm sometimes. I have been experiencing much more success talking to my cold market as opposed to my warm market.

The purpose of this post is to help jog your mind as to where you can find people like you who are looking for an opportunity to make some extra income but aren’t walking around with a sign on their back that says “I am looking for an opportunity”. Hopefully these examples will help you get creative in coming up with other ways to find people to talk to.

1. Cork Boards Grocery Store, Car Wash) – One thing I have learned is that the people who post on cork boards are just like me. Looking to expose their business, liked minded individuals who are open to multiple streams of revenue. Well why not grab as many cards as possible and start calling.

2. Warm Market Referrals – One of the tricks I learned was most of my warm market is more interested in seeing how much money I make before they decide to get involved. To me that’s great because it allows me to come to them and instead of asking if they are interested in making extra money, I can ask them if they know people who are interested in additional income. This actually works in my favor because once their referral starts to get excited and make some money, that warm market referrer starts to ask questions about getting involved.

3. For sale? – Ever see these sign’s in your neighborhood? This is a great chance to talk to someone who is business minded, knows the power of networks and understands the value of residual income. Whenever I pass a sign I immediately write that number down and call them ASAP. What’s the worst that could happen? They say no? Oh we’ll I get a referral instead. Believe me this is a great way to meet some potential leaders.

There are so many other ways to find people to talk to. If you are determined to win in your business you will use these and many more ways to get the job done. Stay tuned because I will be coming back with more sources for leads and also some techniques on closing the sale.

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The #1 Thing you need to have to be successful in Network Marketing

I can’t express how important it is to get into a business mindset. I have seen it far too often. Network marketers often get started with their business because they see it as a quick and easy solution to their financial problems. Many even see the possibilities of financial freedom that building a business in network marketing can bring.

Financial freedom is possible but it is not as easy as setting up a web site and expecting prospects and money to automatically start rolling in. It takes consistent, persistent, DAILY work. The business mindset is at the center of everything you do in your business. If you don’t have a business mindset, you won’t have any success in network marketing. (I’m so serious)

While you are in the business mindset, you also need to think about working your business like you work a JOB.

Ask yourself this question: Would your boss keep you around if you worked your job the way you work your Network Marketing business?

The problem with a home based business is that, since you are your own boss, you can choose to do or not do the daily tasks that are required for success. On a JOB, you have a daily method of operation. If you want to keep your job and thus, earn a living, you must show up for work. Not only that, you must arrive on time.

Even if you don’t feel great, you show up and put in a day’s work.

Even if you aren’t paid very well, you show up and put in a day’s work.

Even if people around you are negative, you show up and put in a day’s work.

Even if you HATE your job, you show up and put in a day’s work.

While you are on the job, you must be efficiently working and producing according to the requirements set out by your employer. If you don’t do that, you get FIRED! 

Now, think about how you are functioning in your network marketing business. Would you, as the CEO of your business, hire someone who functions like you or would you fire them? 

If people were to put the same type of energy and discipline in their Network Marketing business as they do in their jobs, they would be insanely rich.

It’s very important to have a serious business mindset while also, Daily operations LIKE A JOB.

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Network Marketing – Why Did I Join and what are the benefits???

If we take a hundred people who graduate from college or university and we follow them through their career, The 40 year plan, at the end of their career here is what happens to them:

5 are still working because they can’t afford to retire
36 are dead
54 are making less than they did when they were working (Just over broke)
4 are well off (Can meet their needs and don’t need charity)
1 is wealthy (Living the lifestyle of their dreams)

This is the system we are living in right now by concluded market research. This economy is broken! Why is that the case? We have a University system that teaches you how to be a worker drone in the collective! You go to school and get an education, then you get a job and work in the 40 year plan and then you retire and live your golden years depending on other people. What a wonderful concept!

Let’s look at this a little further. When you work for someone else as an employee your employer has what is called leverage on your time. They have to buy you at X amount/hr and sell you at Y amount/hr. The corporation, the franchise, restaurant, whatever the entity/business is they have to make money on you. You live in what is known as the TIME 4 MONEY TRAP. The more time you give your employer the more money you make. The less time you give your employer the less money you make. You work for 8 hrs you get paid for 8 hrs. You work 4 hrs, you get paid for 4hrs. If you are not there working you get nothing, it is LINIER income. You are in a line of work without security! And probably a line of work you don’t enjoy. (85% of people go to jobs that they DON’T like) Even if you are a highly paid consultant you are still considered to be in the time 4 money trap. If this is you then do keep reading.

So what is the answer?

There is an industry now that is creating more millionaires than any other industry around. It is a growth industry that is set probably to top any other in sales. It has done in the last few years .50 billion plus in sales of the most cutting edge technology, services and various products that never would have made it in the traditional method of business marketing. What is this industry? Network Marketing. You may say, Oh no not MLM again!, and roll your eyes but ask yourself this question: Am I completely satisfied with my lifestyle today and does it provide me with the opportunity to work half the year and take the other half of for extensive vacation?  If the answer is NO then you need to take a serious look at this business.

Network Marketing is a method of moving products and services from the manufacturer to the end consumer through the most powerful method of advertisement: Personal recommendation or Word of Mouth. What do you do when a friend has seen a good movie and they tell you about it, you go see the movie! Now, what would happen if your friend was paid a royalty commission every time someone he has told goes and sees the movie, He would tell more people about the movie! I think you would want to know about it too wouldn’t you? That is what we do in this business.

So what does this mean for you?

With consistent effort the network marketing industry model can give the average person wealth in 2 to 4 years. If you have a Network marketing business working 7 to 10 hours a week you can double or even triple your income inside two years. You can produce residual income where you get paid forever for work you did in the past. If you are willing to trade a 40 year retirement for a 2 to 4 year one then this business is for you! One of the major benefits of this business is you can have unlimited income potential. Yes UNLIMITED INCOME! Complete financial independence from the Rat Race as we know it.

What does Residual Income mean to you?

If you had a Million Pounds in the bank right now paying a generous 5% interest that million pounds would pay you a measly $50,000 a year. Yes I do mean measly. How big is your pension fund then? If you are making $50,000 in a job you would have to have a Million dollars in your pension to retire on the same income at 65. Shocking isn’t it!! I bet most don’t even have much beyond $5000 by 35 let alone a mill! Alternatively if it took you two years to build a Network Marketing business that pays you $5000 a month in PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME you could proudly say, I have a Million Dollar Business and you wouldn’t need to lift a finger to make that income flow in!! Positive Monthly Cash flow every-month for you and your family to enjoy!

So how do you make your money?

You can make money in two ways where 1 is small business and 2 is the big business model.

1. Professionally marketing the products as a small business to residential and businesses.

2. Building a big business of distributors where you get leveraged paid income from the royalties of your network. Your income comes from the up and coming business builders in your groups that are leveraging each levels efforts.

The power of leveraged time!

What is the maximum amount of time you could possibly work in a week? If you worked six days a week for 24 hours a day you would achieve 144hrs of productive work. Good luck with that!! Let’s look at it another way. If you had 50 distributors in your organization all working part time for 7 hours a week you would have 350hrs of productivity going into your business every week. That is 206hrs more than you could achieve working six days a week 24hrs a day!!! Does that seem fair? It is absolutely fair. Cause this is what the wealthy know and implement!!

John Paul Getty the billionaire is quoted as saying, “I would rather have 1% of the efforts of a hundred people rather than 100% of my own effort” He understood this concept of leverage! He also understood that if he only relied on his own effort’s, when he stopped working the money would stop also. That is the case with many of us today. So it’s all about leverage, and this is what we do in this business. We leverage the efforts of lots of business builders to create residual income from all the people we bring into the business.

These incomes that are being produced are very lucrative and very profitable. We have distributorships that are literally producing 80 and 90 percent profit margins. They can literally be worth tens of thousands of dollars when built up as profitable business and can be sold as that. There are distributors all over the world literally producing high 5, 6 and even 7 figure monthly incomes!! You say 7 figures a month! That’s a Mill! Even though that is quite exceptional it certainly is not unprecedented.

My recommendations to you is to get into this industry right away and learn the ropes. Study the great players of this fabulous business and learn what they have done.


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How to Win in Network Marketing

Have you ever wondered how the top earners actually earn the BIG BUCKS? There are several variables in this equation, however one of the main reasons the people at the top are so successful is because they consistently recruit LEADERS.

Sometimes it cracks me up how people will advertise every last detail of their network marketing business opportunity, all the way down to the molecular structure of their products–but the only thing you know about the person doing the advertising is their name, phone number and e-mail address–and that’s if you’re lucky!

The fact is prospects usually care more about the person presenting the product than they care about the product itself. When I was starting in network marketing I wanted to know if the person behind the ad or the webpage was somebody likeable and worth working with. My main question was could they help me succeed in my business?

Most people looking into network marketing businesses are thinking the same thing. That’s why the number one reason someone will join your team is you–how you act, what you say and who you are–not your product or service.

Ask yourself this:

    • Are you someone worth following?
    • Do you have passion?
    • Do you have vision?
    • Do you have an objective (other than “make more money”)?
    • Are you constantly improving yourself?
    • Are you open to learning new skills and enhancing your current skills?
  • Can you mentor others?

If you feel like you might be lacking in any of these qualities, are these areas you’re willing to make an effort to improve? If so (and you actually make those improvements), that is a characteristic of a leader.

Success in network marketing isn’t just about how many products you sell. And it’s not only about how many people you recruit–it’s about how many people you help raise up to a higher level than where they were before you met them.

The surprising truth is that long-term network marketing success is largely based on how many leaders you find and develop, more than on how many products you personally sell.

At their core, all super-successful network marketers are great trainers. Likewise, most great network marketing trainers have constantly growing network marketing businesses–and that’s not a coincidence!

So to recap,  If you want to win in this game, instead of trying to work on others you should really be working on yourself. That is unless you are already a LEADER.


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Mistakes to AVOID in your buiness

Not getting any results in your business? There is a reason why? I am seeing a few of them in all over the internet.

For the many people new to the MLM business, or for veterans who have yet to realize success in the industry, recognizing and correcting four detrimental yet commonly made mistakes can make all the difference. Today, we will look at some of the mistakes many in the MLM business make and what you can do about them.

Mistake #1

The first mistake practically everyone makes in this industry is trying to sell. We are in the teaching and mentoring business. If we are doing this right, we are building relationships, not trying to get people into our deals. People can feel the difference when you’re talking to them and trying to sell them. They don’t like it. Neither do you! You don’t like to be sold, and you don’t like the feeling you get when you’re trying to sell something. It doesn’t sit right deep down inside. So stop it! Build relationships, and success will follow. That is key!

Mistake #2

Not checking the background of your company leadership to make sure that they have MLM experience, with integrity, is another mistake. Why does this matter, you ask? Well, do you want to build this once, build it big, and build it for your children’s children? Then you better make sure that the people running it know what they’re doing and respect the guys and gals in the field who are building it. The best way to do this is to read your company’s policies and procedures. Some of the things you will find there will make you scream! When you read them, you’ll realize who you are really building the business for and it’s not you! Please, please, read the policies and procedures!

Mistake #3

Not knowing how many people it takes to earn the income you want is a huge blunder. Do you want to make $10,000 every month? Okay, then how many people in your organization does it take, on the back end, to make your goal? How doable is that? Are you having trouble just keeping 10, 20, or 30?

In most comp plans to make $10,000 a month, you need anywhere from 1,600 to 5,000 people, depending on how your plan is set up. How doable is that when you can’t even keep 30? I know of a comp plan out there that requires less than 400 people to make $10,000 monthly. How much easier do you think it is to keep people in that plan? Pretty easy, I’d say. So make sure you know the numbers, then crunch them to see how doable it is for you.

Mistake #4

Another big mistake that many MLM distributors make is going after their friends and families. Unfortunately, a large majority of companies out there employ this technique as their primary source of lead generation. Ouch! Let me just tell you from personal experience that your warm market is the coldest out there! If you’re in a company where this is the primary source of lead generation, you are in for a hard time, my friend! This technique does not work. The best leads are the ones you generate yourself, and if your company, team, or upline doesn’t have a system in place to do that, it’s going to be very tough.

These are just a few of the mistakes many people make in a MLM business, but with some basic skills and a good system in place, these mistakes are avoidable. If you are having difficulties, take a good look at these mistakes and see if you’re not making one of them in your own MLM business.

Suzanne Fulford is a successful network marketer and stay at home mother of two. Suzanne believes everyone with the desire to become successful in network marketing can do so with the proper skills, mentoring and support. It is her goal to help as many people as possible attain the proper skills and mentor them to success. Download her free eBook at”> or visit”> for more free tips and training.


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The secret to NOT quitting in Network Marketing

 What are THE SECRETS to NOT Quitting in Network Marketing?

This is one question that I get quite often when talking to interested prospects who are thinking about getting into my business. Frustration can be a killer to your business. And rightfully so, as we all go through frustration from time to time.

You know –where you don’t feel like doing anything. Talk to anybody and you are starting to doubt this business really works.

At least for you. Been there?

You right now may be thinking that you want to do this business, but nothing is working and you seem to be working your rear end off. You make the calls, and nothing happens. You follow up and nothing happens. Your prospects disappear without a trace.

You are thinking–“Can I REALLY do this?”

But yet you are BUSY.

Busy at doing what?

There is a difference in MLM between EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE.

The average distributor in this business is Efficient. Bur LEADERS in this business are EFFECTIVE.

EFFICIENT we have heard is doing things right. And yes, you must do things right or this business will not work as it should.

EFFECTIVE is doing the right things and THEN doing them right.

Most people in MLM never grow past Efficient(If they even grow at all) and they work their enterprise the best they know how, and yet it seems to never really move that much.

You seem to be doing everything right.

But the question is — are you doing the right things?

There is only one thing we will ever get paid for in MLM and that is COMMUNICATION. Simply:

Your Job is to do one thing:

Create EFFECTIVE Exposures and a LOT of them.

That’s it for the new person. That is what you should focus on and no more.

Here is a Radical Paradigm Shift for you:

Your job # 1 is NOT to sell. Your job is NOT to recruit. Your job is NOT to train. Those are FRUITS of an EFFECTIVE Exposure. Those are what GROW and Blossoms from an EFFECTIVE Exposure and Communication.

Your JOB #1 is to create an EFFECTIVE exposure about your business and products through magnetic communication which attracts the prospect to take action.

You may be BUSY, but busy at making ineffective Exposures, which are killing your business and your self esteem and it it can be corrected so easily.

What creates an EFFECTIVE Exposure?

Three things:


Your job is NOT of INFORM but IMPACT. Most people who are BUSY and EFFICIENT focus on DETAILS –Facts, and the information. Folks who get rich in MLM create an IMPACT and they are not focused on Details but Destiny. The prospect’s destiny–they move the prospect on the inside by talking about what waits for their life and future on the outside.

They are not focused on their paycheck –but the PROSPECT.

And they are not focused on the Process as much as the Power of Change as they know they are in the LIFE CHANGING BUSINESS.

2) Emotional Connection.

You must create an Emotional Connection with the prospect.


Simple –you focus on what they want to change for the better or add to in their life the most, and then show them how your business and products can help bring that into their life.

They must develop and emotional connection to the product, or the business, or you as a Leader and you must create the possibility that what their life is missing can be obtained through you and your company. And then show them how.

With an EFFECTIVE Communication called a PRESENTATION.


Let me ask you a question:

Would you buy a car that had no value to you?

Would you buy a house that had no value to you?

Would you buy a pair of shoes that had no value to you?

Of course not.

Guess what?

Your prospect will never start moving towards you as long as they don’t see VALUE in what you are offering, what you are doing, and who you are.


You MUST show Value to the prospect in everything that you do and say.


Find out what THEY VALUE in their life, and show them how your Business, Products, and YOU can help increase that in their life. I call it the “4 Major Wants of Lifestyle”:

People are looking today to “INCREASE, EXPAND, ENLARGE and EMPOWER their and their family’s life” and you simply must show them how you can help them do that.

What are you spending your time doing in MLM?




Being BUSY?

How about getting EFFECTIVE at Exposing your business and products, and let all of the above be a FRUIT of your actions –not the sole focus?

If you do that, your results will blossom abundantly like fruit on a tree–a MONEY TREE!

And your growth will be UNSTOPPABLE in this business of MLM and Network Marketing.

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